Cryptliss is the "Failed" Clone of Crypto. She stands at 3 Foot 1, the same as Crypto. Her Skin is a bit more Blue then the standerd Grey. Her Eyes are more Crimson then Black. Her Skin is Smoother and not wrinkled like Crypto's. Her Teeth are just a Bit Sharper aswell. Like Crypto she has a Reproductive Organ, unlike most Furons.


When Crypto 116 Died, Pox Re-Cloned him but he made a Little Mistake... Which resulted in Crypto 117 being Female. Pox re-named her Cryptliss and put her in a Secret Cryo Tube for Future Use. Crypto had no Memory of her when he was Cloned the 118th Time. Dureing the Events of DAH 2 she used her PK Time Stop to Rescue Pox aboard the Mothership by giveing him Time to Upload himself into a Holo-Pox Unit. She also had Involement in Crypto's Rescue in Albion and in Fighting the Blisk in Tunguska. (She Fought and Killed Blisk Sergai) She had minor Roles in the other Countrys aswell. When Crypto, Pox and Natalya went to Moonbase Solaris, Cryptliss wrapped up Business on Earth. Dureing the Events of DAH: BWU and DAH: POTF she again Worked behind the Scenes but this Time Crypto knew about her. (And she had actually had Coitus with Crypto an Hour before the Events of DAH: POTF started)


Cryptliss has nearly the same Behaivour as Crypto but she's more easily Provoked. She's more Violent, Sadistic and Perverted aswell. (She gets a "Thrill" from Probeing Males aswell) She has a on and off "Interest" in Crypto and a Father-Daughter Relationship with Pox. She Flirts a bit with Males and is Ruder then Crypto.


  • Zap-O-Matic.
  • Disintergrator Ray.
  • Anal Probe.
  • Ion Detonator.
  • Dislocator.
  • Black Hole Gun.
  • Meteor Gun.
  • Grappling Hook-shot.
  • Wrist Zap-O-Matic.
  • Wrist Disintergrator Ray.
  • Gastro Launcher.

PK PowersEdit

  • PK Grab.
  • PK Push.
  • PK Magnet.
  • Hyponotise. (Follow, Protect, Free Love)
  • Body Snatch.
  • Cortex Scan.
  • Temporal Fist.
  • Transmognify.


  • Saucer. (Resembles the Saucer from DAH 1 & 2)
  • Hoverboard.
  • Jetpack.


  • Crypto
  • Pox
  • Gastro


  • Crypto


  • Majestic
  • The KGB
  • US Army
  • The Blisk
  • EDF
  • Nexos


"Humans are so Irritateing... Most of the Time."

"Nice Work, reminds me of myself."

"Don't F**k with me!"

"Cool Story, needs more Death."

"B*tch, you're going down!"

"Batta Bing Batta Boom."

"Get da Frak outta here!"

"I don't need any Help."

"Pox, Where's my F**king Guns? I wanna Kill something."

"Crypto, shut it."

"Eww... Blisk Sh*t."

"My Saucer needs an Upgrade, gimme, gimme."

"My Bed gets Cold sometimes... I'm sure you'd enjoy being my 'Heat Bottle'."


  • The 117 is a Referance to Master Chief.
  • She's actually Mentioned in DAH: POTF but her Story is a bit Differant.
  • Her Outfit is a Mix of the DAH 2 and POTF Outfit. It's got the White and Brown Colour Scheme but with Shoulder Pads, Gauntlets and Boots as Armor. Along with the Chest Armor.
  • She is very Skilled in Hand-To-Hand Combat, Something Crypto is not.
  • She's equally Skilled in Athletics and Parkour, meaning she doe's not always Require the Use of her Jetpack.
  • Her Faviroute Food is Fish.
  • Her Theme Song is Waking Up by Julien K.
  • She commonly says "Get over here!" when useing her Grappeling Hook-Shot in Combat. This is a Referance to Scorpion from Mortal Combat.

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