Chapter OneEdit

Pox was extracting Furon DNA from Human Brain Stems, Aboard the Mothership, when a Siren sounded. He turned around to see a Nuke on the Scanner. "WHAT THE???!!!" He exclaimed. In the Room next Door Cryptliss burst out of her Cryo Tube and Activated her PK Time Stop. It left her, Pox and Gastro (The Janitor) Un-Affected. "Quick Pox, load yourself into the Holo-Pox Unit!" Pox did just that. Cryptliss grabbed Holo-Pox and Ran to the Hanger Bay. Pox had an Idea about what she was about to do. "What if you Miss?" He Asked. "I won't." She replied. She pulled the Lever next to them and Jumped out the Hanger Door with Holo-Pox. Her Space Helmet activated so she could Breath. Time resumed and the Mothership Exploded. Scraps of it went Flying past. Cryptliss grabbed onto One and Layed against it as they entered the Atmosphere, leaveing her and Pox unharmed. "Brace yourselve!" Exclaimed Pox as they came Hurling down. Cryptliss, knowing Pox would be Fine, Jumped off and Activated her Jetpack. She landed next to the Hole Pox was in. "Go. Crypto will look after me. You do what you do best... Work behind the Scenes." Spoke Pox. "I need a Weapon." Replied Cryptliss. "Here a Spare Zap-O-Matic. Your Shields are Active too." Answered Pox. Cryptliss nodded and Jetpacked away.

Chapter TwoEdit

Cryptliss was standing atop a Building, Arms folded and Stareing into the Sky, when she noticed Crypto talking to Pox down below. Crypto's Saucer landed next to them. After Crypto walked off to get the Parts to Repair the Saucer, Cryptliss Jumped down to Talk to Pox. "What's shakin' Poxy?" She Joked. "Crypto is going to get the required Parts to Repair his Saucer." Pox Replied. "About that. When do i get my Saucer? I wanna Unleash Hell on the Monkeys." Inquired Cryptliss. "Your Saucer is too Damged at the Moment but i got you this." Replied Pox. A Silver Hoverboard came out with a Hook-Shot Gun and a Wrist Zap-O-Matic from Crypto's Saucer. "Your the Best Father ever." Chuckeled Cryptliss. She picked the Trio of Gear up and they Transformed Neatly so she could carry them in her Inventory. She Equipped the Wrist Zap-O-Matic. "Do be careful with them, 117." Teased Pox. Cryptliss smirked and Jetpacked away.

Chapter ThreeEdit

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